About Us

Our Capabilities

Innate Furniture specialises in the design and manufacture of timber and steel furniture for every situation, from a single living room piece to a full commercial fit-out.

We have supplied our core products of dining tables, outdoor tables, desks, benches and shelving units to some of New Zealand’s most prominent retailers.

Capacity: We currently produce over 250 furniture items per year and steadily growing thanks to our wide team of experts.


We are a Māori-owned and operated business that whakapapa to Ngāi Tahu.

We are proud of our indigenous heritage and the fact that we produce sustainable furniture from within our own takiwā.

Our purpose is driven by our fundamental belief that we do not just share a relationship with our environment, but that our identity, knowledge and world view is built on it.

Our role as kaitiaki (guardians) is to care for the mana, tapu and mauri of our environment so that it may be passed on to the next generation in good stead.


While we have standard designs, our in-house design and CAD team is capable of making your unique vision come to life.

We give you the opportunity to customise furniture perfectly to your needs:

  • Length, width and height
  • A wide range of shapes and designs
  • Native timber and NZ steel material options
  • Colour matching
  • Extra large items
  • Collaborations with other designers
  • Open to any and all custom requests, no matter how wild!


Regeneration is our purpose. Our brightest future necessitates going beyond sustainability and actively regenerating the natural world in order to thrive.

We live this by:

  • utilising sustainably sourced native timbers (e.g. beech, totara, and rimu) that are managed to have a net positive outcome on the natural world
  • utilising New Zealand steel that is produced by extracting iron from the sand before the sand is returned to the beach and contoured to its original state
  • using coating systems made from natural oils and waxes made locally
  • producing furniture that is durable and designed to be passed onto future generations
  • planting a native tree locally for every item sold
  • minimising waste at every step


We go beyond reasonable to support sustainable and local material suppliers, down to oils and fixings. Some examples include:

  • West Coast Beech - sustainably harvested, managed by MPI
  • Northland Totara - sustainably harvested, managed by MPI/SCION
  • Recycled Rimu - Available from a range of large local demolition projects
  • Natural Oil Finishes - commercial grade natural oil finish, available in a wide range of colours
  • New Zealand Steel - sustainably extracted from iron sands near Glenbrook

Local community and economy

We believe that our success cannot be achieved independently of the success of our local community and economy. We therefore aim to share our successes with our local community by:

  • producing all of our furniture locally from our Ōtautahi workshop/showroom
  • providing career opportunities for locals through training and employment
  • offering staff flexibility and a living-wage
  • partnering with local suppliers/manufacturers wherever possible to keep the New Zealand dollar in the New Zealand economy

Commercial Focus

In the limelight we're known as a dining table manufacturer. In reality, we also supply a wide range of hospitality, retail and corporate spaces with furniture requirements all across the country. As much as we love dining tables, we also love commercial spaces and the variety it brings to our workshop.

United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

We align well with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our emphasis on using sustainably sourced local materials like native NZ timbers and steel aligns with SDG 12, which focuses on responsible consumption and production. Our efforts in reducing carbon emissions through local sourcing and production contribute to SDG 13, which addresses climate action. Moreover, by supporting local businesses and communities, we contribute to SDG 8, promoting sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth. These practices reflect our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

Broader Outcomes

The New Zealand Government's Broader Outcomes Initiative focuses on leveraging government procurement to support wider social, economic, cultural, and environmental outcomes. It highlights four priority areas: increasing access for New Zealand businesses, particularly those in priority sectors; enhancing construction skills and training; improving conditions for New Zealand workers; and reducing emissions and waste, supporting the transition to a zero net emissions economy.

In this context, we align perfectly with the Broader Outcomes Initiative. Our commitment to using sustainably sourced materials such as native New Zealand timbers and NZ steel supports both environmental and economic goals. By prioritising locally sourced materials and collaborating with local contractors, we contribute to the local economy and provide opportunities for regional businesses. Our use of non-toxic natural oils and reclaimed materials aligns with the initiative's focus on reducing emissions and waste. As a New Zealand business, we are positioned to contribute significantly to these broader outcomes through our sustainable, culturally significant, and locally-focused practices.